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Papaya(Carica papaya Ext.) :450mg
Giloy(Tinospora cardifolia Ext) :450mg
Wheatgrass (Sorghum vulgare Ext) : 100mg
Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) :50mg

 Boosting Immunity and tackling Covid-19  infection effectively

Timetech Pharma introduced this novel formulation of Ayush Department under its brand name Hepamyrin in the year 2014 to fight against  Dengue fever and to minimise the side effects of  drug induced Hepato toxicity very common with drugs used during Chemo therapy, Tuberculosis &  other infections. Due to its miraculous results Doctors further recommended it for other complications like Liver Cirrhosis, Malaria, Psoriasis & Alcoholism.


Now during the Covid-19 pandemic there is a significant role that Hepamyrin can play as a safe and robust Immunomodulator .As the antiviral drugs are still not proving to be completely effective against Covid-19, it is becoming clear that a healthy body with strong immunity is what ensures quick and complete recovery. Hepamyrin  equips your body with everything it needs to fight the virus.


 Giloy  ( Tinisporan  Cardiflia )  :-  Giloy is a very essential herb in Ayurveda. It is specially known for boosting respiratory immunity. , Giloy contains phytochemicals, Tinosporin, Tinosporic Acid and Palmarin that helps strengthen the immune system by enhancing the killing ability of WBCs and Macrophages. It has also anti allergic & anti pyretic  properties which keep the lungs healthy and ready to fight all viral infections including Covid-2019.


Papaya Ext : - Detoxifies  the liver and stimulates bone marrow to  boost platelet generation. High platelet count keeps the immune system strong to fight and recover from the effects of Corona virus. More platelets means more White blood Cells and a strong shield against infections.


Wheat Grass :- A very rich source of Chlorophyll having 17 essential     Ammino- acids, Vit. A, Vit. C, Vit. E , Iron , Calcium & Magnesium  make it a very strong & effective natural  Anti- Oxidant without any side effects common with  other synthetic anti oxidants. It also  improves health of the digestive tract and keeps the organs working at optimal levels. Healthy digestive tract and healthy organs can be a boon to your body as it fights the Covid-19 infection. Wheatgrass will also ensure quick recovery after the body fights the disease.


Tulsi :- Time tested anti viral and anti bacterial herb which naturally boosts our immune system without any side effects. ( The holy basil ) Tulsi is one of the most potent adapt gens known to modern science. It strengthens body’s natural capacity to adapt to a wide variety of stresses. It restores and maintains healthy homeostatic equilibrium. It makes our body a hostile place for bacterial and viral infections. Prevention is the key to fight Corona.

Covid-19 numbers are now rising rapidly but it has been observed that most patients recover on their own and only some need quality medical attention. The difference between these patients is mostly about their immune response and Hepamyrin could help in reducing this difference.

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